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Hunan province government and the hna group in huatian signed a strategic cooperation framework

Date: 2011-04-29

On April 29, 2011, hunan provincial people's government and the hna group co., LTD. Strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held successfully in hunan huatian hotel.

Hunan provincial party committee secretary, the provincial director zhou qiang, vice secretary of provincial party committee, governor of hna group XuShouCheng and chairman of the board of directors ChenFeng attend the signing ceremony.

This year is "1025 planning" start "the years. Since last year's hunan provincial party committee and government put forward "two type four modernizations" important strategic development since, has set up a file in the science development, the harmonious the livelihood of the people and protect environment has made a series of important achievements. In recent years, hna group strive to create to air travel, modern logistics and modern financial services as the pillar industry of modern service industry comprehensive operator, is committed to through the industrial development and comprehensive innovation in a wider range and deeper satisfy the people's richer in material and spiritual needs, and create more happy life. The hunan provincial government "two type four modernizations" the requirements of the development of highly anastomosis. Therefore, the government of hunan province actively support hna group to invest in the development of hunan, and exert its special advantage, and jointly establish and comprehensive, wide field of long-term strategic cooperative relations.

Agreed with long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win principle, in hunan province hna group resources and its enterprises existing business cooperation as the foundation, with the signed strategic cooperation framework agreement as a turning point, in the airline travel, modern logistics, comprehensive business, characteristic finance and other fields to carry out all-round cooperation, so time can get to the hna's business holding co., LTD., acquisition of hunan home run many supermarket co., LTD. 80% stake and purchase treasure music business 100% equity, yiyang city people's government, people's government LiuYangShi respectively and can get to the hna's industrial have reached a cooperation agreement, hna airport group and hunan development group signed the merger and acquisition of changsha seal of days hotel, restructuring hunan development construction engineering co., LTD. Cooperation agreement, can get to the hna's easy holding co., LTD. And concerted action person common hold hunan yiyang grains of crystal grain trading co., LTD. 51.27% stake. These projects launched, marking the hna group of hunan province government and the comprehensive strategic cooperation inaugural futurarc prize, will further optimize can get to the hna's industry chain set advantage and realize the coordinated development of relevant industries in hunan.