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The first China - asia-europe exposition and xinjiang tourism seminar held in huatian

Date: 2011-04-26

The first China - asia-europe exposition and xinjiang tourism seminar held in changsha.

Rednet (changsha April 26 - (reporter LiuYiBin) a year ago on April 26,, is just ZhangChunXian former hunan provincial party committee secretary, to the day of resumption in xinjiang. A year later, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region party committee standing committee shaw open mention · in Ming led the xinjiang uygur autonomous region party and government delegation came to hunan, held in changsha the first China - asia-europe exposition and xinjiang tourism promotion, this paper introduces the September this year will be held in urumqi asia-europe exposition the preparation, promote xinjiang tourism resources.

Hunan is vice secretary of provincial party committee MeiKeBao, xinjiang uygur autonomous region and xinjiang production and construction corps leadership agri booth worship · to pull together wood, WangYongMing, YuXiuDong attending this seminar. Xinjiang autonomous region business hall, xinjiang autonomous region tourism administration to promote the theme.

The first China - asia-europe exposition predecessor is China urumqi foreign economic and trade fair, has successfully held the 19, become xinjiang show internal and external opening up an important platform. The asia-europe fair by the ministry of commerce, and other 27 countries ministries and commissions and the central unit and the people's government of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, xinjiang production and construction corps common host; Beijing, tianjin, Shanghai, hunan people's government 22 provinces and cities for domestic co-organizer. Xinjiang international expo bureau and 11 departments to host the unit.

The first asia-europe expo will be in the new completion of xinjiang international convention &exhibition center (a period) held, exhibition area of 90000 square meters. Expo sure "4 + 1" exhibition area division mode, namely the Eurasia plate, domestic plate (mainly from 19 provinces and cities in xinjiang with aid of image area), xinjiang plate and professional plate, as well as high and new technology products and park, international economic cooperation, kashi and huoerguos special economic development zone, the ha huoerguos international border cooperation center plate.

Asia-europe during the expo will hold the "China - asia-europe economic development cooperation BBS", will invite Chinese national leaders and foreign dignitaries attended. Another will be held 9 BBS and thematic activities, including ministerial top BBS seven, including agricultural cooperation development BBS, press secretary BBS, overseas Chinese businessman and xinjiang development BBS, etc.

In order to further promote the xinjiang and hunan provinces cooperation, shaw open mention · in Ming hoped the two provinces, strengthen energy cooperation. The central work in xinjiang symposium explicitly pointed out that, to give full play to xinjiang's energy resources advantage, the xinjiang construction become the country's largest oil and gas production and processing and reserve base, large-scale coal coal, coal chemical industry base, large wind power base and national energy resources land vomitorium. Xinjiang welcome all kinds of enterprises in hunan province in accordance with market rules, to participate in the development and utilization of energy resources in xinjiang, in the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit basis for investment and cooperation, win-win cooperation. In addition, still hoped the two provinces further strengthen modern farming and animal husbandry, tourism development, opening up the fields of cooperation, common the asia-europe exposition hold good.

Hunan ShengZhi relevant departments and relevant enterprises to participate in the seminar.