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Huatian hotel (head office) : 1200 marriott outfit make huatian western restaurant dress set sail

Date: 2010-06-16

Honor to goods, fashion to taste. June 17,, cost 12 million hardcover huatian western restaurant will dress set sail to sansho top luxury restaurant appearance reappear the world, open a supreme luxury food expo trip.

National brand hotel restaurant fashion flag

Since this march, huatian hotel to enhance the overall hardware quality, more than in the hotel for corporate to carry mass transformation, which spent 12 million make full open western restaurant become the main point spectacular. June 17, opening new clothes, also set up a national brand hotel west CanYe side of a fashion.

12 million make food space, has gathered 248 international top master of art, hundreds of global food, thousands of bottles of vintage wine, 9 big style different open type kitchen, be in central China only one with top international standards make open western restaurant. Intuitive chefs site fire meteor sashimi, Italian pizza, wide type laksa, France dinner, all kinds of food has everything. Different area in different color separate, with fashion bold colour is tie-in collision together, in the fashion trends of pure interpretation of the aristocratic western food.

The hardware and software of the world first-class standard

"I've ever seen huatian western restaurant is the most top the most luxurious western restaurant, which is determined by the Asia Pacific's top western restaurant design team works meticulously. Here is the best equipment, the most elegant waiter, the most honourable, the most fashionable, most the trend of the dining experience." Overall responsible for the manager of the restaurant he huatian raise secondary says he is engaged in the food industry for many years, in Shanghai, hangzhou, etc of the international brand hotel restaurant in all have person in charge, at present by the huatian western restaurant service quality, can match is the best Chinese restaurant -- Shanghai shangri-la western restaurant, "we here baked pizza oven a will be 300000, is currently the only three sets imported the one". There are air from Italy's top tableware and volcanic original stone oven, the Chinese flavor of the blue and white porcelain decoration and jade dining table, these are huatian western restaurant occupy unique hardware advantage.

Huatian western restaurant in hardware can be top, the software is first-class standard. In the service staff, from the overall responsible restaurant manager to a line attendant is professional elite. In the open kitchen field fabrication pizza cook, is from shenzhen Internet lagen hotel gold medal chef; And for the people of the world's most elegant cuisine famous French meal cook is two from French Chef Chef Ben and Enmerick, they smile kind, skill, through the open mode kitchen and for the guests to deduce the beauty of the French dinner. (image provide: ChenZhiXiong)