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Located next to the Hunan Provincial Museum, Martyr's Park is the city's largest park, complete with lush gardens, a large lake, carnival games and rides (the latter two carry their own admission fee).Outside of these choices for rest and relaxation, Martyrs' Park is best known for its 58-meter Memorial Tower, which pays homage to a generation of China's fallen heroes, adorned with well-known inscriptions and quotations from Mao ...[Detail]

Changsha Zoo is located on the Deya road in Kaifu district of Changsha city. Construction of the zoo began in 1956. In the beginning, mostly birds and primates were the main attractions. Today, this zoo houses more than 200 types of animals, including 15 different species of carnivores, 52 different species of birds, 46 different types of amphibians and reptiles, and 22 different kinds of tropical marine animals. The wild elephant ...[Detail]

Xiaoyuan Park is particularly beautiful in spring, when the Cherry Blossom Forest spreads fragrant blossoms all over the park. The Cherry Blossom Forest is also home to the Chinese Friendship & Peace Bronze Statues which were given as gifts to the people of Changsha by the city of Kagoshima in Japan. The park is easily accessible, located just to the west of Changsha Train Station, south of Wuyi East Road.The Xiaoyuan Park is well known for its ...[Detail]

Shiyan Lake Ecological Park is one of the favourite sceneries by Changsha people. It is located in the junction of Changshu Pond. It is surrounded by mountains, green water, beautiful mountains and green grass, so it is called peple's big oxygen bar. Dragon-boat racing is a characteristic of Shiyan Lake. Join the dragon-boat racing, you will enjoy the passion of fighting by boat racing. The animals there will make a performance for three ...[Detail]

Yun Mountain National Forest Park is located 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) from Wugang, a city in the southwest of Hunan Province, China. Its peak elevation is 1,372.5 meters (4,460 feet), and the annually average temperature there is 15°C (59°F). In September 1992, it was approved as a national forest park.The area has a long history, beginning in the Sui and Tang Dynasties (around AC 500-800) when Buddhists settled there. From the Song to Ming ...[Detail]

Yuelu Mountain Situated in the west bank of Xiangjiang River, the Yuelu Mountain with an altitude of more than 300 meters, has been famous for secluded environment and beautiful scenery since ancient time. Mount Yuelu Scenic Area consists of hills, pinnacles, rivers, lakes, wide variety of species of flora and fauna, cultural historic site, revolutionary monuments. Tourist spots o­n the mountain are Pavilion of Loving to Evening, Gorge of ...[Detail]

The Xiang River, in older transliterations as the Siang River or Hsiang River, is a river in southern China. The river gave Hunan its Chinese abbreviation, the same as Xiang.Originating from Haiyang Mountain in Lingui of Guangxi, the Xiang is the largest river in Hunan and one of the largest tributaries of Yangtze River. It is 856-km long and 670-km of it is in Hunan.People say the Xiang and the Lijiang River share the same origin, because the ...[Detail]

Situated in the northwest of the Lianyuan city, the Meijiang River Scenic Area has a hilly karst landform.It embraces 10 sub-areas, including the Immortal Village, Avalokitesvara Precipice, Sutra Cave, Immortal's Residence, and Incense Burner Mountain. Like a jade belt, the Meijiang River flows through these tourist attractions and links them together.Transport:Shuttle buses go from Lianyuan City to the Scenic areaTel:(86)738-4720366Admission ...[Detail]

Dawei Mountain National Forest Park is located 148 kilometers from Changsha in the northeast part of Liuyang City. With its dense forest, abundant resources, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, Dawei Mountain National Forest Park is called "the Green Pearl of Eastern Hunan."In the park, there are twenty-three plant species, seventeen tree species and fourteen species of rare animals all under first-grade and second-grade protection ...[Detail]

Langshan Mountain is one of China's National Geological Park famous for its unique Danxia landform. It is located in Xinning county,about 500 Km2 away from Changsha, capital of Hunan province. In the south Langshan Mountain is connected with Guilin, in the north it echoes Zhangjiajie.Covering an area of 108 square kilometres, Langshan Mountain has rich natural scenery and abundant tourism resources. There are more than 60 scenic spots in ...[Detail]