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Map of the hotel


Swimming pool

Swimming pool long 20 meters wide, 10 meters, the surface area of 200 square meters; The deep water area 2 meters, the shallow water area of 1.2 m, water temperature keep in 22-26 ℃ or so. Indoor swimming pool with beach lasting appeal, water temperature is appropriate, water quality meets the national testing standards, make swimming and fitness enthusiasts relaxed and happy, is your journey to eliminate fatigue, unfold the body and mind, one of the best places to maintain good posture.
In house guest room card free by two people swimming, adult 88 yuan/time, children's 68 yuan/time.

Open time: on December 1, to March 31 8:00-00:00, April 1, to November 30, 7:00-00:00. Address: entertainment center on the second floor.

Foot bath center

Business Chinese massage, Thai massage, Chinese medicine balance massage, push oil, medicinal food to soak the foot, pedicure, laid back, scrapping projects. Distinguished yangzhou highly skilled senior massage for you to eliminate fatigue health care massage at the same time, the use of foot holographic inspection, accurate judgment of your physical condition, use foot many acupoint stimulation, for your zang-fu's, balancing Yin and Yang, relief in sight-but meridians; Take repair, sheet, strip, dig, knead "meat carve patterns or designs on woodwork" pedicure stunts, let your health from the foot beginning, make you on the road full of spirit and mental and physical health, improve your blood circulation, for you to lose heart burden, to the improvement of metabolic function, but also a relaxed, the youth you. There are 16 foot bath between box, add foot bath hall has more than 60 seats.
Open time: 12:30-02:00. Address: entertainment center on the second floor.

Chess center

Huatian chess center there are 19 rooms, including a suite 2 room. Environment China and comfortable, give a person a kind of the warmth of home. The room is equipped with the most advanced finches friend full automatic mahjong machine, with low noise system, automatic alarm system, automatic demonstration, continuous memory, professional intelligent error correction function, let you entertainment only relax enjoy, equipped with the most advanced against the cheat weapons, encryption automatic electronic lock design, let you safer, more comfortable.

VIP room 98 RMB/hour. Suite 168 yuan/hour, drinks the other billing, additional 15% service charge.
Open time: serving all day long. Address: A seat 6 A floor.

Table tennis room

 Bright comfortable sports place, spacious quiet consumption space, have a VIP room four rooms, common room 1 room, a total of six table. Floor all adopt the advanced anti-skid compound wood floor, equipped with international standard red table.
Open time: 09:00-00:00.
Address: B a 7th floor.


Fee: 88 RMB/hour, and gloves each pair of 5 yuan, drinks another meter, and adds 15% service charge.
Open time: 09:00-00:00.
Address: B a 6th floor.

The gym, jump operating room

Equipped with the latest introduction of American will really brand luxury run table, elliptical meter, upright bike and national strength Kent Smith machine, heavy vertical drop-down apparatus, crotch training apparatus, weight lifting dumbbell combiner and so on the many kinds of fitness equipment, a VIP lounge and independent shower, make you fully experience the movement of pleasant sensation.
In house guest room card daily by free 2 people, gym 50 yuan/passengers, jump hold room 38 yuan/passengers, drinks another meter, the need to raise 15% service charge.
Open time: 07:00-00:00. Address: B a 7th floor.

Tennis court

Indoor tennis field 1 tablet, a VIP lounge and independent shower.

Tennis court 07:00-00:00, 100 RMB/hour. Badminton 7:00 - : 00,78 yuan/hour. The above price additional 15% service charge. Another ball clothing, shoes, cuffs, head belt, ankle, knee, badminton such sale.Address: B a 7th floor.

Hairdressing salon

Salon has high-grade give or have a permanent wave, nursing instruments and Germany wella, South Korea's top brands such as beautiful hair products, to provide you with professional service.
Single shear: 98 yuan; Single blow: 40 yuan; Wash blow: 98 yuan; Wash cut blow: 118 yuan; Shaving: 20 yuan; Do wave: 138 yuan; Marcel: 480-1588 dollars; Dye hair: 380 yuan up.

Address: entertainment center 2 floor.

Huatian synagogue

Huatian synagogue "perfect appearance - into the meeting function new set sail.
Huatian synagogue solemn majesty, style is elegant, have one of the best audio-visual equipment, and is equipped with lifting stage, large projection screen, and other professional the meeting facilities, is for business fellowship and conference activities of the best place.

Address: building in the fifth floor.


Huatian international entertainment (business) club for creating hunan first-class international (business) club brand, the investment large amount of money, from British introduce original TURBOSOUND (special treasure sound) professional audio, build a modern, fashionable, luxurious and comfortable, elegant business club. Offer humanization, standardization and internationalization of service quality, provide a has the business negotiation, friends PARTY, birthday PARTY, such as multi-functional leisure meeting place. 3 floor between KTV 16 box, 4 floor there are 17 KTV reserved box.
Address: entertainment center 3, 4 floor.


Changsha most Thailand characteristics of My SPA - with exalted royal Thai bow down to type service, let you feel is not only a peaceful type amorous feelings, more can experience SPA natural ChunMei, penetrating mind care.

MY SPA launch body massage, local nursing, body chamfer, wrapped body care, petal bath, facial care all kinds of SPA project, and according to the guests demand introduction contains a body massage, body maintenance, facial care different project portfolio and become selected package.

Price: RMB 198-1980 dollars, additional 15% service charge.
Open time: 11:00-02:00