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Hunan cuisine restaurants

Promote local food culture, provide authentic hunan cuisine, cantonese early morning cup of tea. The hall can accommodate about 210 people, including the paradise, shaoshan hall, love night pavilion, JuZiZhou xiaoxiang palace, a total of six rooms.

Open time:06:30--10:30、11:30--14:00、17:30--21:00    

Add:on the second floor of Hall    

The food plaza

There are seats 298, set sichuan, chaozhou, northern, lanzhou, hunan, yunnan, Hong Kong, Macao and other famous all over the country and western snacks, face working public, economical and practical, provide dinner and food taken late at night service.

Open time:11:30--14:00、17:30--01:30    

Add:on the first floor of Hall    

And board Japanese cuisine

From the palace noble enjoyment, provide authentic teppanyaki, and food, sushi, with four unique have teppanyaki performance of Japanese box (kawasaki, hope Buddha, and light, god valley), a Chinese style box (east as), as well as the holder 2 rooms, the hall a teppanyaki sets.
Open time: 11:30-14:00、17:30-21:00    

Add:on the second floor of restaurant

Son of heaven business club

The first set of hunan province for business, leisure, entertainment, as one of the senior member club, to provide a full range of efficient and precise business services, and has the first-class entertainment leisure facilities.

Open time:07:00-02:00    

Add:B—the 26th floor    

Lobby bar

Lobby bar is located in the west side of the lobby, decorate fashion, is central China region is now the most luxurious Chinese wind lobby bar, divided into tea area, red wine cigar area, business district three area, a total of 22 table, can accommodate 121 guests, provide all over the country's famous tea, sweet alcohol is grinding coffee, the health care of scented tea, pure and fresh and refreshing off-dry juice, delicate delicious west. Elegant illicit close space for business negotiation guests can better have their own space; The most classical characteristic style of red wine cigar room, provide the top red wine from all over the world, and the world famous Cuba cigar.

Open time:11:30--14:00、17:30--01:30    

Add:the first floor of Lobyy    

Huatian western restaurant

Never make a huge sum of money, central China area most top western restaurant, nine different styles of open mode kitchen, air from Italy's top tableware and volcanic original stone oven, unique blue and white porcelain decoration and jade dining tables, delicate space transition conception, exalt and do not break vogue, pure handmade art space, suitable for: private meetings, and couple dinner, birthday party, western-style wedding. Soft opening reward price: RMB 118 / person for breakfast, lunch RMB 168 / person, dinner 198 yuan/a person, plus 15% service charge.

Open time:07:00—1 O:30、11:30—14:00、17:30—21:00    

Add:B—the first floor


Huatian palace

"China paradise" to have a "triumph palace", "changle palace", "out of the pavilion" "changchun pavilion", "seal of day pavilion", "tianbao pavilion", "skylight pavilion", "day JingGe", "yongfu porch", "YongShou porch", "yongkang porch", "yongning porch", "tai xuan" and "neutral porch", "insurance and porch", xinghe porch ", "best porch" seventeen modelling classic unique box, the business name government delicious "tan dishes there" and fine cantonese cuisine, and to provide for the guests from all over the world, name manor high-grade red wine and shi wine service.

Open time:11:30—14:00、17:30—21:00    

Add:the fourth floor of lobby

Huatian JinGe

Distinguished by master chefs cantonese cuisine, provide bilateral seafood, lobster sashimi, with high-grade food is given priority to, combined with local flavor. Huatian JinGe full for box component, and the establishment of the hall rest area. Have huatian, Paris, Vienna, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, London, Warsaw, Cairo, Bangkok ten different styles of luxury private dining rooms. Box are set up a sofa rest area, with separate bathroom. Otherwise the Lhasa, changsha hall two VIP lounge.    


Add:the third floor of lobby    

Jazz bar

Has the rich Europe, is the overseas personages and white-collar gentleman a wonderful place to go for leisure and entertainment.

Open time:10:00--01:00    

Add:the first floor of lobby